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What is the basic equipment required to build a JBF wall?

  1. Band Saw – Recommended Model – 18” opening
  2. Band saw Blades 1 ¼” Welded Carbide Tip – JBF Recommendation Available
  3. Mixer & Paddles – Recommended  ½” Power Drill
  4. Reciprocating Saw & Blades – Recommended Sawzall – Metal and Demo
  5. Grinders – Recommended Cordless
  6. Metal cut off blades
  7. Grout Bags – For lime mortar spread
  8. Mortar application tools – 5″ putty knife (Mulitple for side block lime mortar app)
  9. 2’,4’,6’ levels
  10. 2lb Deadblow hammers – Please note Steel-Faced hammers will damage the structural integrity of Blocks
  11. Caulking guns
  12. Markers
  13. Staples
  14. Mixing buckets
  15. PPE

Equipment specific to the Just BioFiber Block System will be provided by Just BioFiber

Please contact [email protected] for a build manual

Can I get a sample block?

Unfortunately, due to the large number of inquiries on a daily basis, we are unable to offer sample blocks at this time.

Can I build with Just BioFiber blocks?

We require one person that has built with the Just BioFiber block system to be part of the crew of laborers to save time and ensure proper installation.

Due to the structural connections between the frames relying on the adhesive joint we do not suggest people to user-install their homes. It takes a team of 4-5 people to build efficiently.

Does JBF ship outside of Canada?

Absolutely – we are taking reservations for the next 12 – 18 months. Send us your plans.

Can the JBF blocks be used in large scale projects?

Yes, we have a commercial/industrial block that uses a thicker and stronger internal structural frame. We can currently build 3-4 story buildings, with each project having 3rd party structural engineering signoff. In the near future we plan to have full CCMC and IBC approval for building code.

What is Hempcrete?

Hempcrete is a mix of hemp hurd (also known as shiv – the wooden core of the plant), lime and water that hardens upon the addition of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and the removal of moisture.

What separates JBF from other hempcrete manufacturers?

Just BioFiber uses a patented composite structural frame inside each block that interlocks when stacked. We also have a compliment of strips, bolts and window/door trim that allows us to build an entire wall system.

What impact will building my house out of Hemp have on the planet?

Each JBF block has enough hemp in it that it sequesters 6.5kg of Carbon Dioxide (CO2). Besides the fact that growing hemp can lock up 4x more CO2 annually vs. a mature forest, the building system is able to be assembled CARBON NEGATIVE in-place. That means taking into account all of the emissions from extraction of raw materials, transport, processing, installation, use and recycling amounts to a sustainable building system.

How does hemp cut down on energy use?

Mainly, having a higher R-Value than conventional building products reduces the heating and cooling requirement for homes. Also, the significant impact of day-night cycles in temperature change are reduced with hemp-lime due to it’s high thermal mass. The final piece to saving energy is creating a significantly more air-tight building envelope – which is done through the use of creating a monolithic structure.

What are the JBF blocks made of?

Our Blocks are made of:

  1. Hemp Hurd/Shiv – The wooden core of the Hemp Plant
  2. Lime – Proprietary mix
  3. Sand – Factory Coating
  4. Internal Structural Composite Frame – Anything BUT plastic!

The hemp does not contain any THC or CBD – it is an industrial grade of the hemp plant.

What are the block’s Dimensions & Weight?


All Blocks: 21.332 x 10.666 x 8.000″ (541.83 x 270.92 x 203.20mm)


Residential Block: 30.0Lbs (13.6kg)
Commercial Block: 32.5Lbs (14.7kg)

Do the JBF Blocks Burn?

No, they don’t!

We have achieved a certified 2-hour Fire Rating.

As well we have a rating of Zero Smoke Development & Zero Flame Spread!

Are the blocks mould and insect resistant?


Lime is naturally mould and insect resistant.

That is why lime-wash is used on barns and chicken coops.

  • Lime has a high pH (alkaline) which acts as a fungicide.
  • Lime is naturally antimicrobial and repels bugs and other undesirable insects.

How you do find studs in the wall?

Our structural frame (buried inside each block) has 5.333″ O.C. (On-centre) struts.

Every 3 struts there is a 16″ O.C. stud, which matches typical residential construction.

Does Hemp contain any THC?

No, Hemp contains less than 0.3% THC and is not psychoactive.

Please visit for a very concise overview.

How are the walls assembled?

  1. The Bottom Strip (composite) is laid down and tied into the foundation
  2. Flax-Lime Mortar is applied to the bottom strip to reduce thermal transfer
  3. Glue is applied to the Bottom Strip to lock onto the blocks
  4. Blocks are placed onto the Bottom Strip
  5. Flax-Lime Mortar and Glue are applied to each block
  6. Blocks are placed onto each other in an interlocking pattern
  7. When all courses (rows) of the wall are assembled, the top interlocking caps are cut off
  8. The Top Strip is laid over the block wall and tied into the wall using bolts

Can you use the JBF Blocks below-grade (underground)?

The JBF Hemp-Lime blocks cannot be used for below-grade (underground construction)
This is due to the natural hemp-lime mix decomposing in soil.

The hemp-lime can be broken away from the structural frame of any unused blocks or cut blocks and composted to provide rich nutrients for the soil.


We do have an alternative product for below-grade applications.
Please contact us at [email protected] for more information

Can the blocks be cut?

Yes, blocks can be cut with standard power or hand saws.

A Band saw is highly recommended for large numbers of cuts.


The blocks can be cut to form any other angle, but will not interlock.

This requires lath (mesh) over the male connections to lock them in place.

Is it faster to build with JBF blocks?

Actually yes!

Many people think that brick construction is slower, but we have achieved significant speed advances over the span of our current projects.

What finishing can you put on the blocks?

We ship Hemp-Lime Blocks with a Lime-Sand ‘Factory Scratch Coat’

When the walls are constructed, a final layer of ‘On-Site Scratch Coat’ is applied.

We currently recommend two layers of lime-sand render (plaster) for interiors, and multiple layers of lime-sand stucco for exteriors.

What is the availability of ordering blocks?

For more info please contact [email protected] for updated timelines.

How do you ship the JBF Blocks?

We ship on 53′ trailers which are limited by weight to:

  • 15 pallets of Commercial/Industrial Blocks
  • 16 pallets of Residential Blocks

Each pallet contains 80 blocks, which allows 1,200 – 1,280 blocks per trailer.


A typical residential home is around 2,400 blocks.


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