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Sustainable Building System with Carbon Capture

UBC Triple Bottom Line Assessment


Through the triple bottom line analysis of hemp, it is determined that there are many advantages of hemp; in particular, hempcrete. The advantages are numerous and outweigh the disadvantages in each assessment. The material is environmentally friendly, is high yielding, grows rapidly, fully recyclable, provides a healthy living environment, and is durable and strong. Regarding the new SUB project, walls, floors, and roofs could be constructed from hempcrete, supported by a structural framework made from concrete, steel, or timber. The material provides a comfortable living space, and the operating costs of the building would be effectively reduced through decreased heating and cooling costs.

Source Reference:

An Investigation Into The Use Of Linoleum and Hemp In The New SUB:

A Triple Bottom Line Assessment

Submitted to: Carla Paterson

Date: March 31,2011

Completed By: Kevin Bergen, Keenan Moe, Lekuku Lets, Lucy Li

Read the entire assessment report here https://circle.ubc.ca/bitstream/handle/2429/42590/Bergen_K_et_al_SEEDS_2011.pdf



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