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Sustainable Building System with Carbon Capture

Project Team

Management Team

Terry Radford, President 

Terry has over 35 years of business experience in the technology industry. He has founded and managed five start-up technology companies including a national computer network products distribution company and a networks communications software company later sold to a US defense contractor.  He has experience and skills in all aspects of launching and establishing new companies in the marketplace from finding and exploiting market niches to setting strategic directions and day-to-day management.  Terry is responsible for operations, sales and public relations.

Mac Radford, Founder

Mac has worked in all areas of building construction and commercial and residential building development for 40 years. His interest and skills in engineering and fabrication and his natural acumen for “finding a better way” have led him to invent the innovative sustainable structural building product – the JBF block.  Mac is responsible for on-going product enhancements, engineering, development of manufacturing equipment and processing, and designing, setting up and commissioning the manufacturing plants.

Michael deChamplain, VP Investor Relations

Michael has over 40 years of financing experience, mainly in obtaining funding for large commercial projects in Western Canada. He has been involved in all aspects of finance including public company financing, mergers, acquisitions and mortgages for small and large real estate developments in Canada and the US in 2013, he founded Earth Eco Alliance Foundation a vehicle to support environmentally positive ventures. His responsibilities include, fund raising and investor relations.

Dave Ladouceur Executive VP Business Development

Dave is an award-winning Operating Executive that has been commercializing technology for 30 years and has built rockets, spacecraft, compilers, protocols, operating systems, web, mobile and internet SAAS and PAAS companies as well as supply chain and manufacturing with many successful exits, his latest endeavor is a Regenerative City Platform Fund.


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